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Asked a question 4 months ago

There is a lot of discussion on women’s struggle to reach the C-Suite. Be it the glass ceiling phenomenon or issues with gender stereotypes. What, according to you, should women do to find their path?

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Neera Gupta
Director Kit Kat Events & Marketing

The key area I like to focus on for the C-suite leaders, is to know their strengths and upskill their level to mastery. They must continue to develop and refine soft leadership skills such as empathy, assertiveness, confidence, and communication. Particularly for women, I always emphasize the importance of seeking and investing in a mentor or coach to help you master those leadership skills and share your personal journey of discovery. And finally building a supportive and collaborative network of peers and helping each other succeed.   

Apart from doing a good job, it’s important for women to find their advocates and sponsors within the company who will root for them. These people will not only back her but also ensure she does the right things to get her to where she deserves. 

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